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2013 5th Annual Pavilion Cup Pond Hockey Tournament
Lily Lake
Saint John, New Brunswick
February 1 – 3, 2013

Divisions:  Men’s Open, 35+, Women’s Open, Women’s REC, Co-Ed (2+2)

Registration is open for the 2013 Pavilion Cup – February 1st to 3rd at Lily Lake. Registration fee is $475 per four person team plus an additional $75 to have a spare player.
*20 natural pond rinks
*Ice surface is approx. 75’ X 150’.
*Nets are 6 inches high and 6 feet wide.
*Nets are flush to the end line (no ice behind the nets); boards are made of snow.
*All games are 30 minutes in length, consisting of two 15-minutes halves *with a 3-5 minute break between halves (break time is weather depending).   A scorekeeper will monitor games.
*Games will be played until horn is sounded.
*Each team will have 4 scheduled games, including 1 game under the lights.
*Games on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, play-offs begin on Saturday after regulation games are complete.
*Teams can only obtain +10 goals per game.
*Teams who make the playoffs will be determined in the following order 1) games won;  2) goals scored to a max of 10 per game;  3) goals scored against; and 4) head to head.
*ALL GAMES START ON THE HOUR and end at the sound of the siren.  *Any team not arriving on the ice with at least 3 players within 5 minutes of start time automatically forfeits game.  The late team will forfeit the game with a 10-0 score awarded to the opponent.  There will be no rescheduled games.
*Wild card spots may be added depending on total number of teams in each division.
*Minimum age for all players is 19 years old as of February 3, 2013.
*Any underage player will be ejected from the tournament and the team will not be able to replace him/her.  Identification may be required.
*Teams are limited to 4 players for game play, substitutions are permitted in case of injury – but being out of shape is not an “injury” – so expect to play the full 30 minutes!  Teams having a spare player can rotate different players per game.  Any need for substitution during a game(emergency etc) would be to the discretion of the referee.
*No goalies permitted (or needed!)
*All players must wear a Helmet, Skates, a Team Jersey and carry a Hockey Stick.   Full hockey equipment is permitted.  Goalie Sticks are not permitted.
*It is recommended that players also wear Shin Pads, Hockey Gloves, Elbow Pads, Face masks.
*If the puck leaves the playing surface, players should not pursue or chase pucks as the assigned score keeper will have extra pucks and immediately spot a puck for play to continue.
*Officials reserve the right to prohibit a visibly intoxicated player from playing.
*All participants are expected to behave in the spirit of sportsmanship throughout the weekend.  Those teams determined not to be participating in a sportsmanlike manner may be ejected and prohibited from future participation.
*Similar to last year, team Captains are responsible for checking score sheet and signing off on it; a signed score sheet cannot be contested.

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Please note that hockey tournament and event details are subject to change. Always contact hockey tournament or event management directly for up to date tournament or event details or questions and be sure to visit the Official Hockey Tournament or Event Website.

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