Sep 102012

2013 Pine City Pond Hockey Classic
Westside Park Pond
Pine City, Minnesota
February 8 – 10, 2013

Divisions:  Competitive Bracket, Rereational Bracket, Men, Women, Co-Ed

-This tournament has been started by a group of local hockey enthusiasts who are looking to make an outstanding community event out of the game they love.  Any profits from the tournament will go back to hockey in the community in some way, shape, or form to ensure hockey sticks around in Pine City!
-The tournament has gathered the support of some local businesses as well as some nationally known businesses.  The sponsors so far are: Coor’s Light, Ice Hole Schnapps, Bernick’s Pepsi, Monster Energy Drinks, Grand Casino Hinckley, and Boa Athletics!  Each player registered will be receiving a “goodie bag”  with coupons to local stores, restaurants, and bars during their stay in Pine City.
-It will be a 4-on-4  style tournament with each team being able to roster up to seven skaters of men and women over 18 years old.
-Each team is guarenteed three games.  The cost to register a team is $300.
-Official rules ate listed at the official adult hockey tournament website below.

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When crossing the US/CANADA border:

Official Adult Hockey Tournament Website:

Please note that hockey tournament and event details are subject to change. Always contact hockey tournament or event management directly for up to date tournament or event details or questions and be sure to visit the Official Hockey Tournament or Event Website.

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