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7th Annual Gravenhurst Wharf 3 0n 3 Pond Hockey Tournament
Lake Muskoka
Gravenhurst, Ontario
February 8 – 10, 2013

Divisions:  Competitive, Recreational, Over 35

1. All games are 30 minutes in length consisting of two 15-minute periods with a 5-minute break in
2. Ice rink surface size for all divisions will be 50’ x 75 (approx)
3. No slap shots allowed.
4. Team registration form must have a minimum of four players on the roster, with a maximum of six in
total. Games are 3-on-3 format with no goalies.
5. Nets are reduced in size; standard opening of the net is 5 feet wide by 10 inches high.
6. There are no overtime periods in round robin play.
7. Playoff ties will result in two on two for 3 minutes. Team with most goals will win. There is no sudden
death. If tie remains after the 3 minutes overtime period, game will proceed with no time limit, and
first team to score will be declared the winner.
8. Round robin games will begin Friday, Feb 8th. (not all teams start on Friday night)
9. Round robin tie breaking procedures to determine the higher positioned team in the standings will be
as follows:
1. The team with the best win/loss record in the games between the teams involved
2. The team with the greatest point spread between the teams involved, (points/goals for, minus
points/goals against)
3. The team with the greatest positive point spread (i.e. points/goals for, minus points/goals
against) in the games played between them and the team in the next highest position in the
standings. (E.g. If still tied for second, would use games played against team in the fourth
positions. Continue sequentially.)
4. If a tie still persists, a coin toss determines the higher ranked team.
10. No officials in the round robin format. Our tournament is based on fair play and respect of others.

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When crossing the US/CANADA border:

Official Hockey Tournament Website: www.onthepondcanada.com

Please note that hockey tournament details are subject to change. Always visit the official hockey tournament website for the most up to date tournament information.

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