Mar 072012


Kawartha Cup Challenge
Lindsay Recreation Complex
Lindsay, Ontario
April 20 – 22, 2012

-Over 35+(No Slapshots, no contact, prizes only) Entry Fee $700
-Open (Slapshots, no contact, prize money) Entry Fee $700.00
-Rec(No Slapshots, no contact, prizes only) Entry Fee $675.00
-Women’s Division (Slapshots, no contact, prizes only) Entry Fee $650.00


Grass Creek Hockey is dedicated to running quality hockey tournaments for adults, men and women, to enjoy.

We do our best to provide divisions that are competative yet fun to play in. Staff is dedicated in providing a friendly atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression with our teams.

When crossing the US/CANADA border: Click here.

Official Adult Hockey Tournament Website:

Please note that hockey tournament details are subject to change. Always visit the official hockey tournament website for the most up to date tournament details or questions.

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