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Quebec Pond Hockey Championship
Quebec, Canada
February 2 – 3, 2013

Divisions: Competitive, For Fun, Women’s

In January 2004, Dominic Hardy, Daniel Blouin and a few friends met up on Lac-Beauport for a friendly hockey match, with no goalie. With a Siberian cold of -40ƒC, twelve teams of four players threw themselves on the ice, specially made for the event. As if they were young kids, they played until there was only one winning team left. Without even knowing it, they had played the first edition of the Pond Hockey Lac-Beauport and created a new tournament of its kind in the province of Quebec.

During the year that followed, 4 ice rinks were made to welcome 24 teams. In 2011, there will be close to 112 teams form many Canadian provinces and countries around the world, and more than 600 players who will skate on the 25 ice rinks specially made for the event.
• Category TO WIN (presented by Molson Export)
• Category FOR FUN (Participation A presented by Canac / Participation B presented by L’Entrepôt du Hockey)
• Category WOMEN (New! – presented by Desjardins)
• Entry fee : $ 245 per team;
• 5 player teams : 6 on ice, 2 optional nexts, no goalie;
• 24 minute games divided in two periods;
• Each team plays a minimum of two games;
• Playing surface dimensions : 60’ x 100’;
• Net size : 10’’ x 36’’
• Jerseys not included;
• It is highly recommended that you consider bringing one pair of underwear per game, as well as a bathing suit and a towel for the spa;
CATEGORY TO WIN : (presented by Molson Export)
- Automatically qualified for the World Pond Hockey Championship in 2013
- Molson Cup (names engraved on the cup)
- Team promoted in media coverage
- Happiness
CATEGORY FOR FUN : (Partcipation A presented by Canac / Participation B presented by L’Entrepôt du Hockey)
- Happiness
CATEGORY WOMEN : (New! – presented by Desjardins)
- Happiness

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When crossing the US/CANADA border:

Official Hockey Tournament Website: www.tournoihockeylacbeauport.com

Please note that hockey tournament details are subject to change. Always visit the official hockey tournament website for the most up to date tournament information.

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