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The Chowder Cup 2013
New England Sports Center
Marlboro, Massachusetts
May 1 -5, 2013

Divisions: Men,  80 Teams; 11 Divisions (21A, 25B, 25C1, 25C2, 25D, 30B, 30C, 30D, 35C, 35D, 40C)

Tournament Details:
When: May 1 – May 5, 2013  (Men’s Tournament)

Where: New England Sports Center

Number of teams: 80 Teams; 11 Divisions (21A, 25B, 25C1, 25C2, 25D, 30B, 30C, 30D, 35C, 35D, 40C)

Team Fees: $1050 per team (includes 14 players: 13 skaters and a goalie). If a team wishes to have more than 14 players, they need to pay an additional $75 per player.

Games: Each team plays 3 first round games.  Top 4 teams in each division make the playoffs on Sunday.  First round of playoffs set the first place team versus the fourth place team in one game and the second place teams versus the third place team in the second game. Winners play for the championship the same day.  See playoff and other game facts in the rules and regulation menu section above.

Payment Schedule: All teams must have paid the following amounts by the stated dates:
$525 Deposit to reserve slot
Final Rosters are due April 15, 2012.  Any extra player fee amounts are due at this time.

Priority Schedules:
Any team can request to have a priority schedule. As in prior years this is based on earliest date of FINAL payment. This year there is one additional consideration. All teams on that list must have at least $700 paid. The final order of priority will be based on date of final payment.

The final team schedules will be sent to the captains by April 10, 2012. No team will get a schedule with a balance due. All schedules are FINAL. Any team that forfeits a game will not be asked back again to any Chowder Cup Tournament.


No less than 6 teams and no more than 8 teams in each division.

If there are more than 8 teams interested, then there will be a waiting list until the time the waiting list is 4 teams. Then 2 divisions of 6 teams may be created for that level and age bracket (ex: 30B1, 30B2). At that point, we would split up the teams based on a teams prior experience in the Chowder Cup and group known teams that appear to be equal together.

Teams in each age level will be placed in a division based on:

  • Your teams prior Chowder Cup Experience
  • The current level your team is playing in Mens League
  • Your players experience.

All levels can have 2 exceptions under the min age rule. They must be no more than 5 years younger than the min age in the division as of 1/1/12.  In the 21 age level divisions, all players need to be at least 21.

No professional hockey experience is allowed at any division level EXCEPT 21A. No exceptions.

Rosters & Player Registration:

  • All rosters must be done online prior to April 30, 2012.
  • All player registrations must be mailed or faxed by April 30, 2012.  Any additions made after 4/30/12 are subject to being charged a player fee of $90.  If an injury occurs or a replacement needs to be made after 4/30/12, the captain must designate who will not play and replace that person with the new person.  No additional charge will be applied.  The new player, however, must fill out a registration form and give a photocopy of license and be eligible to play on the team (age, level, etc.)
  • Up to 2 players may be excluded by the minimum age restrictions.  However, the minimum age cannot be more than 5 years younger.  (NOTE: For the 21 yr old divisions, it is 21 and older)  This age level exception INCLUDES goalies.  Ages based on 1/1/2012.  Remember this restriction only applies to the minimum age.  If 40 year olds want to play on a 21A team, more power to them!  For the 40C division, at least half of the players on the roster must be 40 or older.  The others must be 35 years or older.
  • All players need to fill out and sign a player form.  The form, along with a photocopy of a drivers license, must be mailed with a postmark no later than April 25, 2012 or faxed to our office no later than April 25, 2012.  The photocopy is for player identification purposes only.  We do not need any license number or social security number so please black this out when sending the photo.

Contact Information:
Email:  contactus@chowdercup.com
Phone: 1-888-397-2470
Fax: 1-888-397-2470

When crossing the US/CANADA border:
Click here.

Official Adult Hockey Tournament Website: http://chowdercup.com

Please note that tournament details are subject to change. Always contact tournament management directly for up to date tournament details or any questions. And be sure to visit the official website for all tournament information.

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